Music Appreciation



The musical appreciation group within ESA likes to attend mainly — but not exclusively – classical music offerings on an intermittent basis. Many of our gatherings are at UT where students,as part of their curriculum, are required to give public performances in order to complete their course. Many of these performances are free, and the doctoral candidates in particular are usually of an excellent level. There is often an opportunity to meet with the artist afterwards and not infrequently refreshments are also offered!

This was the case last Thursday when Nicholas Councilor gave a wonderful recital on the clarinet. It was a beautifully balanced program of classical pieces by composers such as Robert Schumann and Carl Maria von Weber and more modern offerings by Jean Francais and Olivier Messiaen. He even introduced (to me at least) the piccolo version of the clarinet which was the first time I had heard that instrument.

If anyone not familiar with our group is interested in being kept informed of future outings, please contact me, Rich Harrison who is submitting this blog.

Meditation is good for you

Last Sunday’s meeting of ESA was a very interesting presentation by Stephen  McNally, longtime friend of the society, on meditation. Not only did he remind us of the different types of meditation– mindfulness, compassion, Metta etc — but he explained how a large number of studies indicated that the practice of meditation leads to improvements, both physical and mental .

The presentation was followed by a class meditation session that was very popular and much appreciated. For those who want to learn more, there are many sources on the Internet and in print. Thus now we have no excuses: go forth and meditate.

Submitted by Rich Harrison (Blog Editor)