Success: What Does Success Mean to You?

Sunday, January 10

Bob Warren, today’s leader, chose “I Can See Clearly Now” for our song. Joyful voices and some mild dancing were accompanied by this old Johnny Nash hit.

Adam Gravois set up the colloquy on “success” by reminding us that “success” did not necessarily mean “happiness.” Some members attempted to define success in their lives; some talked about what impact the concept of success–as defined by others–had had on their lives.

Speaking from the heart, sharing joy as well as pain, members provided a spectrum of thought on success that included goals, failures, and personal change and growth. (cp)


Mindfulness in Everyday Life

David Zuniga, ordain Buddhist priest and practicing psychologist, spoke at ESOA’s November 22 meeting regarding the practice of mindfulness and practical strategies for incorporating it into our daily lives.

Dr. Zuniga presented several definitions of mindfulness, honing in on awareness of the present moment while calmly and compassionately acknowledging one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. He offered tips both for entering the state of mindfulness and for integrating it into our daily activities, e.g., pause before a potentially stressful event to meditate briefly.

There’s even an app for it. Indeed, several apps and recommended readings to help one start and then continue living with mindfulness are posted his website:­­ cp