A Message from the President of the Board

Dear Members and Friends of ESoA:

We have had a remarkable year. We have exceeded several of our goals for increases in membership, ethical actions, quality programs and donations, both to others and to ESoA. We successfully sponsored our first community-based program. We have maintained our SEEK program and our monthly pot-luck lunches and initiated a monthly study group.

I want to thank each of you who worked on a committee (or the Board), prepared a Sunday program, donated money or food, washed dishes, provided new ideas and enthusiasm for future improvements, or participated in our weekly adult or SEEK meetings. We are a small but growing and strong group of folks. I happily anticipate an interesting, challenging and positive new year.

I would like to remind and recruit your assistance with a couple of things. First, we have lost our lease as of March 31, 2018. Board members are contacting a number of possible replacement sites. But if anyone has any suggestions on places to investigate or has inside information regarding some suitable property, please contact me.

And a reminder that we are a totally voluntary organization. If you would like to assist “in big ways or small” to keep us moving and improving, please speak up. We can always use additional help on our committees. But we would also greatly appreciate assistance with improving our music/singing, our social media presence, our set-up/ break-down each Sunday, our on-line calendar and more. If you don’t have time for full committee involvement, please consider taking on a single, discreet task or project.

Remember we will not be meeting again until January 7th when will enjoy our very popular Burning Bowl celebration, followed by a pot-luck.  In the meantime, I hope everyone finds many things to enjoy and appreciate.

Happy Holidays.

Rebecca Fisher
President of the Board
Ethical Society Of Austin