What are Colloquies?

The purpose of Colloquy is to help participants, in a communal setting, “delve more deeply into the depths of their own being and to develop the habit of self-reflection, to live in a closer conformity to their stated beliefs and to find a source of inspiration.”

Colloquy was created and developed by Dr. Arthur Dobrin, who retired as Leader of the Ethical Humanist Society of Long Island in 2001. Part of his motivation was in response to the wish expressed by many members of his Society for ways of being together that are more spiritual and introspective, in contrast to the sometimes highly rational and intellectual format of the traditional Ethical Culture Platform. In recent years Colloquy has become popular at a number of Ethical Societies.

During a Colloquy, participants use readings, music, and quiet sharing to reflect on a theme introduced by a facilitator. This reflection (or meditation, if you prefer) on the session’s theme often invites gentle exploration of one of life’s questions.