Bending the Arc of History Toward Justice

Slides for the July 31 platform given by Dr. Carolyn Parker, “Bending the Arc of History Toward Justice,” are available for viewing here.  In her platform, Dr. Parker noted that there are many things that members can do right now to fight systemic racism in our society:

  • Speak Up — whenever racist or unjust words are heard.
  • Stand Up — whenever racist or unjust behaviors are seen.
  • Act Up — whenever the opportunity arises to protest or resist injustice and discrimination.
  • Put Up — some money wherever it is needed.

Good News on Texas Voting Rights

In a month of painful news in Texas, the US, and the world, small flickers of good news can sometimes be lost.  Mother Jones reports good news for voting rights in Texas as the law establishing onerous restrictions on IDs accepted for voting is overturned by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.  While the case may yet be taken to the US Supreme Court, for the November 2016 election, at least, voter suppression in Texas will be reduced.

“But whatever comes next for the Texas case,” MJ writer Delphine D’Amora says:

the plaintiffs’ yearslong, million-dollar fight against SB 14 represents a new norm in the battle over voting rights. Without federal oversight, it is now up to civil society organizations to monitor the bills working their way through statehouses around the country and to fund suits against questionable laws.

As good as this news may be, it is a sobering reminder that the right to vote can be taken from us in so simple a way as making the act of voting an onerous burden.  We should, I believe, be mindful of  just how vulnerable this fundamental right is, even in America, and protect it with all our available resources.  More than that, we should use it!

Update on “Contacting Your Representatives”

We’ve added a new paragraph to the information page on how to contact your representatives.  The paragraph focuses on the problem of living near the edge of a district.  Some databases are not accurate down to the individual home, so a search will return multiple representatives for the same address.   Work-arounds and solutions for this problem have been added to this resource page.  Check it out . (cp)