Charity! Why? – Platform

John Theiss presented a platform,  Charity!  Why?, to prepare for ESOA’s giving month–February.  During February, ESOA members will give additional funds for specific charitable organizations, giving over and above the amounts donated each to ESOA for programs and operations.  John talked about levels of giving (ESOA, within our local community, internationally).  In 2015, ESOA supported Unganda Humanist School, Doctors without Borders, Kiva, and Heifer.

In the broader context, John talked about why people gave and wanted to give, patterns of giving in the community, and objections to charitable giving as a replacement for government responsibilities or “moral hazard.”  These subjects continued in group discussion, as participants offered their insights through research or personal experience.

Technological serendipity led us to “Circles” as our song for the day.