Democratic Process Is Essential to Our Task – Platform

January 24, 2016

Susan Theiss presented a platform/group discussion of the seventh of eight commitments  for ethical culture:  Democratic process is essential to our task.  Susan presented the ethical perspective of democracy and its process in terms of personal activities, the functioning of the Ethical Society of Austin, and in the broader terms our nation.  She then turned the presentation into a group discussion by asking such thought-provoking questions as:

The crisis we are in does not bode well for our democracy. Nor does it speak well for freedom, for democracy and freedom go hand in hand. We retain the structures of democracy, but substantively we appear to be an oligarchy, ruled by the plutocratic elite who buy and bend our politicians in support of their interests, who control the mass media that frames our political conscious and by politicians themselves whose narrow self-interests trump a statesman-like commitment to the common good. Are we a “Democracy” in name only?

Discussion included calls to action to bring ethics to the forefront of our public democracy.  Appropriately enough and for the second week in a row, the day’s leader chose “Come Together” (Bart Worden) as our song.  (CP)