Contacting Your Representatives

While voting is critical to democratic process, the impact of money and lobbyists greatly reduces voters impact at a detailed level. One way to counteract this systematic bias in the political process is to act as your own lobbyist. Contact your legislators and tell them what you think about issues of importance.

US and Texas House and Senate district finder: enter your address and it shows you a list of your representatives, how to contact them and a small map inset so you can verify that it processed the correct address.

Who Represents Me?

If you live on the edge of a district, the “Who Represents Me?” tool may show you as having multiple representatives for the same district.  If that happens, you will find the correct district numbers (which you must then match with the name of the person who represents that district) on your voter registration card.  You can also enter your home address and find out who your representative in Congress is at   Enter your zip code.  If the form returns multiple representatives, then enter your full home address.  The database will provide your correct representative.

The following are three articles that include some ideas useful to individuals who are interested in having input into public policy. While they have much similar content, they each have aspects that are different and useful.