Movie Showing of “Before the Flood” Sunday 9 April 2017 at the Wildflower Terrace Auditorium

Many thanks to all of you who watched the movie and those of you who stayed on afterwards for the discussion for helping to make the event the success that most of you felt it was.

There is little doubt that the movie makes a compelling case to illustrate the fact that Climate Change is real and happening now; and that unless humankind makes a determined effort to dampen its effects and later reverse them, we shall leave for our children and grandchildren a planet incapable of sustaining life in the manner that our generation has become accustomed to. We would like to suggest that we all continue to spread this message and encourage everyone to see the movie as opportunity occurs. Both the W.T. Environmental/Climate Change group and the Ethical Society Climate Change subcommittee will be organizing more activities in the future, and we encourage you to contact one of the two groups mentioned to get on their mailing list (if not already on it) to get news of these events.

We had 32 people (including two children) attend which was at the higher end of the range that we had hoped for. Judging by the discussion following the movie it was clear that Climate Change is a topic of great interest and concern to those attending; and it generated many ideas of how we could act individually and as a group to help reduce our ‘carbon footprint’ and to encourage others to do the same.

Our thanks especially to those of you who acted as guides, greeters, makers of cookies and drinks, setters-up, tearers-down and bottle washers; and a special appreciation to our member Stephen McNally (who was not able to be present) for his generous provision of the LED light bulbs that we were happy to give away as door prizes – and we hope you read the notes inserted with the bulbs!

With best wishes for the sustainability of Planet Earth,
Nancy and Rich, co-chairs of the ESA Climate Change Subcommittee