Sunday Ethical Education for Kids (SEEK)IMG_2409

Our SEEK program is open to all children 3 years or older whose parent(s) attends the adult Sunday program. Children younger than 3 years are welcome to join their parent(s) in the adult group.

For children 3-5 years, the program provides safe, enjoyable childcare. For children 5 years and older, specific lessons assist the children in understanding ethical values and positive ways of engaging with others.

These classes focus on a specific topic each month. The monthly topic is presented through various modes of learning, including books, games, art, discussion, reflection, social action, and music. Such a month-long focus on a single topic provides time for the children to better internalize and implement these important concepts.

Parents are encouraged to assist the program by talking with your child after every class to reiterate the parents’ agreement with the topics being taught. Occasionally, parents are requested to act as a substitute assistant teacher. Parents are always welcome to join any class to better understand how the program is working. In addition, the children’s class will sometimes join the adults for special programs.


Everyone is welcome to join in a meal together on the first Sunday of each month for a potluck lunch.