This week at the Ethical Society of Austin

May 29

Platform: Engaging With Public Policy

Hostartw do we make lasting social change happen? You gotta know the game to succeed at it. Our own John Theiss talks about the real process of how ideas become proposals become law.
It’s not always a straight path!

Our Sunday Ethical Education for Kids program will be in session, from 10:30 until noon, the same time as our meeting. Topic: Respect for Difference: How can we choose to live more harmoniously.

 10:00 am – Coffee and conversation

10:30 am – Program begins

Please remember to bring non-perishable food items, and empty printer cartridges for the benefit of the Capital Area Food Bank. The Food Bank will also gratefully accept checks.

ESA Statement of Purpose: The Ethical Society of Austin is a humanistic organization inspired by the ideal that the supreme aim of human life is working to create a more humane society. Our faith is in the responsibility and capacity of human beings to act in their personal relationships and in the larger community to help create a better world. Our commitment is to the worth and dignity of the individual, and to treating each human being so as to bring out the best in him or her. Members join together to assist each other in developing ethical ideas and ideals…to celebrate life’s joys and support each other through life’s crises…to work together to improve our world and the world of our children.

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